Monday 23 October 2017

Nicholas Leonard: Battle rages as Scottish independence bid shakes Cameron

Nicholas Leonard in Westminster

A tense and unpredictable power struggle is under way between the two most successful politicians in Britain: Prime Minister David Cameron and his opposite number in the Edinburgh parliament, Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party.

To the astonishment of most Westminster politicians, Mr Salmond won an outright majority last May and pledged to hold a referendum on independence during the second half of his four-year fixed-term administration.

That was not just to give himself time to run a propaganda campaign. His main aim was to take advantage of one of the most emotive dates in the history of Scotland, June 24, 1314. The 700th anniversary of the legendary victory of out-numbered Scottish troops over a lumbering and poorly-led English army at the battle of Bannockburn will take place in two years' time.

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