Friday 24 November 2017

New blood should tackle Government's paralysis

Maybe what Enda and Phil need is FG backbenchers getting on their case, writes Eamon Delaney

WILL things ever change? The country is on its knees and people are being bled dry, and yet still there is no leading by example from our chiefs. Phil Hogan was put up in a Rio de Janeiro hotel costing hundreds of euros a night, while Enda was effectively authorising yet another pay rise to his circle of advisers. Ah, yes, the continuing disappointment of our political culture.

Thirteen people around Enda are to share increases of €31,000 on foot of public sector pay increments. OK, not a lot, and the story sort of slipped under the radar. But it's the principle of it, and the perception, at a time when people are being asked to cough up endlessly in stealth taxes and cutbacks.

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