Monday 19 February 2018

Never fear, your majesty, we are royalists at heart

A warm welcome for the Queen just shows how the Irish are infatuated with royal soap opera, writes Anthony Cronin

IT would seem churlish not to call her simply The Queen, and pedantic to insist that she must be the Queen of someplace, and that if one does not say where it invites confusion with other royal ladies -- the Queen of Spain perhaps, the Queen of the Belgians, or even the Queen of Sheba.

Besides, the fact that the populace as a whole including (which is regrettable) officialdom has decided that she and no other is The Queen, actually proves a point I will come to later on. Anyway, wherever she is Queen of she will be greeted in those places where people are allowed to get near her with immense zest, curiosity and enthusiasm.

This will be interpreted by a small handful of people as nostalgia for the royal connection and the wish that it could be resumed. They will be wrong. It will be a manifestation of something much more modern than that and much more indicative of where we're at.

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