Wednesday 25 April 2018

Need help in deciding who to vote for? Ask any shaggy dog down your street

A new addition to Joseph O'Connor's family has given him an insight into choosing our next government

Can I tell you something personal? Will you keep it to yourself? Being totally honest, at the age we are now, myself and the wife sort of felt we had had enough responsibility. The difficult years of early parenting were behind us. We'd been looking forward to retirement, doing a little travelling, catching up on our reading, perhaps one of us being given a seat in the Senate.

We had done our duty, to the best of our ability. Our era of night-feeds and sleepless dawns was over. No more teething or midnight anxieties, no more leafing through books of names, trying to make a good choice. Imagine our surprise when we learnt not too long ago that once again we'd be hearing the patter of tiny feet.

Well, in December the new arrival came, a little bundle of love. But I had mixed emotions, I admit it. I looked down at that tiny face in all its cuteness and aching vulnerability, its big soft eyes, its heart-rending expression, and as I listened to the frail and newborn whimper, I was filled with the thought: 'Why me?'

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