Monday 19 February 2018

'Nappygate' sums up our national lunacy

The jarveys and their long-suffering horses are a perfect metaphor for the equestrian effluent in which we find ourselves, writes Cathal MacCarthy

EVER since the latest national crisis started, I've been casting around for the perfect metaphor or precedent that captures the scale, the sheer lunatic enormity of the damage that we have inflicted upon ourselves.

To escape the distracting tumult I retired to my library. History, the infallible master, would surely furnish the suitable example.

The usual routine. Strict instructions not to be disturbed. Tinto, the manservant, was told to be courteous but immovable. "Mr MacCarthy asks me to convey his regrets, Mrs Robinson. But he is not available for consultations," and so on.

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