Monday 23 October 2017

My trauma: Breifne's wife Fiona

The mother of five says the devastation after O'Brien's exposure as a conman led her to ask her mum for aid, writes Maeve Sheehan

FOR years they were the darlings of the Celtic Tiger social scene, well-connected, stylish and affluent. Now Fiona Nagle has described the nightmare month that spelled the end of their charmed lifestyle following her husband Breifne O'Brien's startling confession that for years he had duped his friends out of millions.

In a statement prompted by accusations that O'Brien depleted his taxi business to fund their personal life, Ms Nagle has spoken of the trauma and the devastation after her husband's dubious business activities came to light. Blackrock Cabs went into liquidation last week with debts of €157,732, failing to raise a cent for O'Brien's extensive list of creditors.

It was December 2008 when Ms Nagle, along with everyone else, found out after O'Brien confessed that for years he tricked his friends into investing in an elaborate pyramid scheme. At the time, she had five children "ranging from an infant of six months to a son of 18 years who was studying for his Leaving Certificate, all of whom, as well as myself, were devastated by the revelations of my estranged husband's business activities and the subsequent trauma to our lives", she said.

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