Saturday 21 April 2018

My blood was boiling. I was ready to kill. . .

A violent robbery left Carol Hunt shaken and raging despite the help of some unexpected knights in shining armour

The absolute worst thing about this shocking experience was that it had happened right in front of my kids. Last Thursday, as I sauntered home after collecting the children from school, the other half called me on my iPhone. As I chatted away, half an ear on him, half an eye on the kids, from out of the blue I felt a terrific blow to the side of my head. Stunned, it took me a second to realise that a young thug on a bike, with an accomplice beside him, was trying to wrench the phone from my hand.

I roared every curse I could think of at him while desperately trying to cling on to my phone but the little shit was too strong for me. Himself and his partner raced off down the North Strand in Dublin -- a group of four other lads ran after them. I automatically went to follow them, but looked at my stunned, petrified children, then felt a painful throbbing start up where I'd been hit and thankfully thought better of it.

I continued screaming, though, whereupon the four lads turned and headed towards me. Were they accomplices come back to get my bag, wallet, children? I automatically grabbed a bottle from my shopping bag by the neck -- fully prepared to smash it on someone's head if I needed to guard my kids or myself.

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