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Muslim issue will turn and bite us if we fail to act

YOU can't get away from the Muslim issue in Britain unless you keep your eyes and ears closed. Week after week, criminal courts are dealing with a procession of young Muslims charged with terrorist offences, and civil courts and employment tribunals are clogged with Muslim allegations of religious discrimination, often inspired by the Islamist radicals who want to make it impossible for the decent majorities -- Muslim and non-Muslim -- to live together in amity.

Thursday provided two examples of the kind that make the media salivate. First, there was Samina Malik -- who had security clearance to work in the airside Heathrow departure lounge, in her spare time studied bomb-making manuals, dubbed herself 'the Lyrical Terrorist' and posted on the internet poems about training seven-year-olds to murder non-Muslims (sample: 'Kafirs your time will come soon,/and no one will save you from your doom') -- who was found guilty of 'possessing articles likely to be useful to terrorism'.

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