Saturday 17 March 2018

Murphy's lore with a large dose of venom

The Blizzard of Odd (RTE2) is back, saying those things about Montrose programmes that everyone thinks but only a few dare utter and usually not with the gleeful venom that presenter Colin Murphy brings to his put-downs.

He was in fine form in this week's edition. "Thick is the new gay," he observed of The Dinner Party's moronic inanities, while of Winning Streak he concluded that "many TV programmes suck but none has ever sucked with such eye-popping abandon as this one".

Then, after noting the ubiquitous phenomenon that is Ryan Tubridy ("one person with the talent of half a person doing the job of four people"), he concentrated his mind on The Big Bow Wow: "You can sue McDonald's if you get fat, you can sue Marlboro if you get cancer, you can try suing Guinness for all the ugly people you've shagged, but you can't sue your TV for exposing you to this." It was a series that reduced the viewer from a state of "torpor" to one of "stupor".

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