Saturday 16 December 2017

Mr Myers overboard!

Gwen Halley

MAN overboard! Irish Times columnist Kevin Myers has buckled under pressure and abandoned the chugging ship of the democratisation of Iraq for a fling with the passing dinghy of the Left's woemongering.

A depressing day for young hawks all over Ireland, who have often turned to Myers's Irishman's Diary as a beacon of light amidst the doom and gloom blackout of the Irish Times foreign pages hogged by Lara Marlowe and Conor O'Clery.

Myers has joined the sprawling comfort blanket of the "We're glad Saddam is gone, but . . . " brigade, using all the banal junk jargon of the Michael Moore(on) hard Left. "The man [President Bush] is mad," Myers proclaimed in some sort of personal Eureka moment last Tuesday before getting bogged down in the hallucinatory jungle of Weapons of Mass Destruction - the dirt road cul-de-sac the Left has abducted many an innocent down in the last year to justify its passivity.

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