Wednesday 21 March 2018

Moyes only needs a job . . . but football fans need to get a life

Sporting reshuffle: David Moyes and Ryan Giggs
Sporting reshuffle: David Moyes and Ryan Giggs

Liam Fay

David Moyes should count himself lucky. The sacked Manchester United manager is now in the uncomfortable position of needing to find a new job. However, most of the people who've been obsessing so frantically over his employment status are much worse off: they need to get a life.

Throughout last week, a sizable swathe of the citizenry seemed stricken by a strange neuro-physical disorder, which prevented them from uttering any sound other than 'Moyes', 'Man-U' and a few profanities. The story that incited this contagious convulsion is a drearily humdrum tale of corporate panic and backstabbing. Yet the all-consuming intensity with which the narrative was followed in some quarters was simultaneously painful and pitiful to behold. Sport is frequently presented by its giddiest cheerleaders as the ultimate character-builder but, as recent days have proved, it can also be a formidable personality-stunter.

Much of the hysteria was media-led. Even allowing for the fact that the prolonged Easter holiday comprises a notoriously slow news period, there was something delirious and desperate about the unrelenting ferocity of the coverage. RTé treated Moyes' departure from Old Trafford as though it were a world-historical event.

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