Tuesday 12 December 2017

More than just a line was crossed

Tanya Aldred

SO, Andy Gray and Richard Keys are said to be angry and embarrassed. What about poor Sian Massey, pictured yesterday on the front page of the 'Sun' dancing in a t-shirt and short skirt with the headline "Get 'em off" running down the length of her body?

To be surprised by what Gray and Keys said, you would have to be living in an alternative world. One where a woman in the public eye was not judged firstly by her looks, and where Page 3 didn't exist. Sky's sports coverage, though excellent, has always verged on the bombastic and in a laddish clubbable atmosphere things, it seems, have been allowed to fester as part of the bonhomie.

Sexism eats well, though erratically, in the sporting arena because it is largely dominated by one sex. I've watched a gang of otherwise lovely sports journalists walk upstairs behind a poor female reporter who was wearing trousers, giggling loudly and drooling wetly over her bottom. I've overheard many "I'll have 'er" conversations over the PR woman with the nice legs, while she was clearly within earshot. And I know what a handful of reporters think about me because they chewed the fat robustly to my then boyfriend without knowing that we were going out together.

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