Friday 23 March 2018

Monsieur le President, our EU friends owe us

While the opposition focused on personality politics it dodged the more thorny issues, writes Willie O'Dea

There has been a steadily growing debate among many in the political commentariat about the role of TDs. I say debate, in reality it has mainly been an exercise in bashing TDs for their constituency work, claiming that this has been at the cost of their national duties.

The curious hypocrisy of all this is that the pundits who lambast TDs for doing constituency work would rather engage in and even fuel personality-driven, who's-in and-who's-out commentary than serious political analysis.

The past week has been a prime example. Most of the political coverage focused on who might challenge Cowen, how they might do it, who might back this motion and what implications it would have for the people concerned.

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