Tuesday 24 October 2017

Mitchell cannot allow McGuinness to rewrite history

The truth about the Sinn Fein man's past and the IRA's threat to this State must be heard, writes Gary Murphy

GAY Mitchell might be happier in attack dog mode than uttering platitudes to the multitudes. This latter course seems to have done him few favours with the electorate judging by recent polls. So should he now switch tack and come up with a new plan?

Certainly the idea has gained traction that, desperate to stop a flagging campaign from sinking completely, the Fine Gael spin doctors unleashed their attack dogs, specifically in the guise of Phil Hogan, with his description of a "terrorist in the Aras" and his warnings about the alleged flight of American investment. The conventional wisdom is that this approach has failed completely given the latest poll numbers.

This is an entirely erroneous interpretation. It now seems clearer than ever that the general populous simply don't like the cut of Gay Mitchell. Many don't know him at all and his success story -- from humble origins to senior statesman -- that he is peddling with some justification is treated with a shrug by most citizens.

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