Monday 22 January 2018

Miserable results have paved way for long goodbye to Enda Kenny

The beginning of the end for the Taoiseach was his shameful treatment of Gay Mitchell during campaign, writes Jody Corcoran

When the end comes, we will look back on these weeks and find them to have been the beginning of the end. The end will not come for a while -- four years -- but we have arrived at the moment: the long goodbye to Enda Kenny.

The arithmetic of the Dail will see his survival until the next election. Then all bets are off. Fianna Fail is not dead; nor is it alive. Sean Gallagher, meanwhile, will not go away. My hunch is that he will set up his own party.

Within Fine Gael, the beginning of the end for Kenny was the shameful treatment of Gay Mitchell, and the outcome of the by-election; within the Cabinet, it will be the loss of an ill-thought-out referendum, holed by a triumph of Attorneys General.

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