Sunday 19 November 2017

Miriam Donohoe: Students need to suck it up and learn that financial woes build character

PITY the country's poor college students. More used to being in the news for hosting boisterous rag weeks and organising radical marches, they are pulling at the nation's heartstrings this week with reports that many are living on the breadline, hungry and in danger of being evicted from their flats as they can't afford to pay rent.

Struggling students have apparently been forced to accept free food boxes due to the outrageous delay in the payment of grants through the new Student Universal Support Ireland (Susi).

I don't doubt for a minute that, as with many sectors, there are students out there seriously struggling to make ends meet. But the last time I checked living on a tight budget and not having all of life's luxuries went hand in hand with going to college (unless you have very wealthy parents). I can't help but ask has the student lifestyle gotten a bit too cushy and have expectations been unrealistically heightened due to the boom years?

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