Thursday 22 February 2018

Miners set for major ordeal

Evan Fanning

If the Chilean miners hadn't suffered enough it seems that they will now face another horrific ordeal -- and one which will go on a lot longer than the 69 days "Los 33" spent underground -- as Hollywood is set to involve every one of them in the film adaptation of their story.

Of course, this being show business, by the time they are finished getting the Hollywood treatment 33 Chileans stuck in a mine will be a group of Californian high-school seniors trapped in a shopping mall in a race against time to get out before the prom.

But for the time being they're sticking to the original tale. Brad Pitt is interested in producing, while Madonna is in the running to direct. Have these poor miners not suffered enough? If there's anything worse than being trapped in a mine with 32 of your work colleagues it must be being trapped in a mine with 32 of your work colleagues and Madonna.

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