Tuesday 24 April 2018

Middle-aged mutton is the new lamb, and life does begin at 40

You can have almost all the benefits of your 20s, and the wisdom to know it, writes Victoria Mary Clarke

In a matter of days I will be 44, which is officially middle-aged. In one way I am very lucky -- if I had been born in 1850 I would have been dead at the age of 40. But, as it is, half my life is now over. I work this out by presuming that I won't die tragically young and I will live out a natural lifespan and die at around 88.

I realise that the average age that women are living to in this country is now 79, but I am taking into consideration the fact that I don't smoke, I drink very little, I hate butter and cream, I keep fit and flexible, meditate, refuse to do silly things like bungee jumping and always take about 15 different supplements daily.

Given all these factors and also the fact that they are constantly experimenting with stem cells and could easily start marketing an age reversal operation within the next few decades, I may well pass the 100 mark, but I am being conservative.

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