Friday 13 December 2019

Michael D’s state sojourn goes down a bombe glacée

Michael D's state sojourn goes down a bombe glacée

Kim Bielenberg

Kim Bielenberg

nn We are delighted that President Higgins received such a warm reception in Britain, but not all the coverage was respectful.

Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail suggested that in the 1980s our revered Head of State was a "rent-a-quote Lefty, a schemer and blether-box".

"Physically he remains a half-pinter: The height of a jockey and the twinkle, plus pate, of a ripened pixie – maybe a cobbler from a children's fairy book."

By some oversight, this Blarneyfied impertinence did not find its way into the Oirish edition of the Mail.

nn Meanwhile, it was good to see The Guardian give comprehensive coverage to the President's speech at the Palace of Westminster.

In its report of the occasion, the august organ told how he reeled off historic names – Magna Carta, Tom Kettle, Constance Markiewicz and "Daniel O'Donnell".

Much as he appreciates the efforts of the honey-voiced crooner, we are assured that President Higgins was actually referring to Daniel O'Connell.

nn Some have questioned whether it was tactful of the queen to include a "bombe glacée" on the menu at her banquet for Mr Higgins.

Was this the Windsors' own little joke?

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