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Sunday 17 December 2017

Messi and Barca prove that good guys do win

Catalans are an example to clubs like Manchester United that ordinary people can beat power and privilege, says Carol Hunt

Last week, I found myself having another depressing conversation with yet another friend who had been recently made redundant and was bemoaning the lack of any form of justice in Irish society. "They're all getting away with it," she complained. "The bankers, the politicians, the developers, the regulators, the whole supposedly 'elite establishment' -- they've triumphed over the rest of us and made us into their blasted serfs and there's f**k all we can do about it."

"What's gone wrong?" she asked (she is shouting now). "Why is it that the selfish, the devious and the dishonest always win?" She paused for breath and then added: "Even in football." (I presumed she was talking about our good friend Thierry).

Why indeed? It was a depressing question and one to which I had no positive answer, facts seeming to get in the way of any optimistic spin I could put on the situation.

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