Sunday 25 February 2018

Media verdict on Enda seen through rose-tinted glasses

The reality of some of this new Government's initiatives hardly merits all of the acclamation, writes Willie O'Dea

EVERY new Government deserves a media honeymoon. This is especially true for a Government which is taking charge at a time when the country is economically submerged.

Nobody can doubt that the Government is getting its media honeymoon -- and then some. Epithets like "novel" "refreshing", "exciting" and "radical" accompany each step the Government takes. One media cheerleader even used the term "noble". In fairness, the Government itself has made clear that first judgement on its performance should come after 100 days. But some in the media are happy to come to a verdict after just 10 days, and pronounce themselves enthralled.

The reality hardly merits the acclamation. In his first week in office, Tony Blair overturned centuries of economic policy by making the Bank of England independent, thereby sacrificing a major lever of economic policy.

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