Monday 19 March 2018

Maurice Hayes: Vindictive, self-serving book has tarnished Blair's legacy

Maurice Hayes

Maurice Hayes

Revenge, as they say in the Mafia, is a dish best eaten cold . . . Tony Blair has scarcely given the waiters time to clear the tables before sticking the knife into Gordon Brown -- and not just one knife, and not just once in his long account of his political career.

It is tempting to see the title 'A Journey' as an allusion to the 'Odyssey', with Blair as Odysseus, the hero on a 10-year voyage of danger and discovery, slaying demons, meeting the most marvellous people and finally returning to rout the false suitors who seek to capture his dowry to New Labour.

In this reading, too, it is easy to cast Brown as Polyphemus, the one-eyed titan brooding in his darkened cave, crying havoc to the world and destroyed in the end by his inability to convey his message to the public.

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