Thursday 23 November 2017

Maurice Hayes: Health system must seek to balance access with excellence

THE simple mnemonic rhyme of Enda Kenny's schoolmas-tering days (when grammar and syntax were still on the syllabus) listing the sequence of vowels in English, has returned to haunt him in the electronic age as a charge of perfidy in relation to Roscommon Hospital.

In the new shorthand of texting, the minatory shaft is driven home in a grim yell of defiance: "A&E I O U", where the last vowel becomes a metaphor for mendacity and about-turn.

The sordid unravelling of promises to maintain accident and emergency services at Roscommon Hospital exemplifies the emptiness of such pre-election undertakings, the glibness with which they are made, the foolishness of doing so and the greater foolishness of believing that they will be honoured.

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