Tuesday 16 January 2018

Maurice Hayes: Government must rise to reform challenge

Maurice Hayes

Maurice Hayes

WELL, if they were going to do it anyhow they will. There is little doubt that Enda Kenny's mind was set on the comfort-blanket of coalition with Labour.

As the democratically elected Government of the country in a time of crisis, they are entitled to the support and good wishes of all responsible citizens. Still, one is entitled to claim the luxury of a mental reservation about administrative malpractice condoned and further horrors yet to be revealed.

The late Robert Kennedy, remembering the heady days of his brother's capture of the American presidency, told of the shock experienced by the transition team, when, on opening the books, they found the national finances to be in just as bad a state as they had been claiming during the campaign. The new Irish Government, freshly briefed by the civil servants and the banking regulators, may well be reeling at the discovery that things were even worse than they had been led to believe.

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