Monday 22 January 2018

Mary Kenny: What royal wedding tells us about modern marriage

IS there something incongruous about Prince Albert of Monaco having a sumptuous Catholic wedding ceremony in Monte Carlo, while it is reported that tests are being carried out to establish whether he has a third child outside of wedlock, and indeed, according to another source, possibly even a fourth?

That the Prince -- who once worked in a New York bank under his simplified moniker of "Al Grimaldi" -- has fathered two children outside of marriage has been established by DNA tests. A former air stewardess, Nicole Coste, has borne him a son, Alexandre, now six, and he has a 19-year-old (very pretty) daughter, Jazmin, by an American estate agent. And now the French magazine 'Public' has claimed that Albert has fathered two more children on the other side of the duvet: one is said to be an 18-month-old infant whose mother is Italian (and preparing to tell all). While other sources in France are claiming that Nicole Coste has had a second child by Albert.

If Princess Charlene had more pre-wedding nerves than is usual, it is entirely understandable. Having walked up that exquisite aisle, she is now committed to standing by her man, faults and all.

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