Sunday 18 February 2018

Mary Kenny: Teachers worth their pay, but bar should be set high for their aspirations

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

It is a well-established fact that Irish politicians are paid more than most others in Europe (and that the Taoiseach, with €257,000, has the highest salary of any European political leader, including Angela Merkel).

And now it has been disclosed that primary school teachers in Ireland are among the best paid in the world: their starting salary is €32,000 annually, rising gradually to nearly €60,000 at the top of the scale. This is well above the European average.

However, in contrast to the politicians, I would suggest that teachers are well worth their remuneration. An incompetent politician is unlikely to do lasting damage to any individual in the country, even if he -- or she -- makes a hames of their own portfolio. But every teacher has the capacity to mark a child for life.

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