Friday 15 December 2017

Mary Kenny: Lenihan's wellbeing is key to health of nation

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

Brian Lenihan is an admirable and diligent statesman and a likeable man from a highly cultivated family (his grandmother won first prize in all Ireland for French studies -- the second prize was awarded to one Samuel Beckett).

Everyone wishes Mr Lenihan well and a return to full health. But there remains, among journalists and in the media, a debate over whether his ill-health should have been revealed by TV3 over the Christmas period -- and in the way that it was done.

"How would you like it," asked an offended colleague from RTE, "if you had an illness, and it was made public before you had time to talk about it fully with your family? And there is an oncologist brought into a TV studio to discuss diagnosis and prognosis? At Christmas?"

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