Thursday 18 January 2018

Mary Kenny: Common sense at last on condoms

Pope Benedict praying at a ceremony in the Vatican yesterday
Pope Benedict praying at a ceremony in the Vatican yesterday
Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

IF Pope Benedict has given a qualified endorsement -- and Catholic sources are keen to underline that it is very qualified indeed -- to the use of the condom in certain exceptional circumstances, then it is only a step towards common sense.

Even those who have reservations about artificial birth control have argued that where a condom is a remedy against disease, it can be seen as a legitimate aspect of health care.

Any parent would surely answer the following question in the affirmative: if your young, single son or daughter were going off to Africa for a couple of years, would it be wise for them to include condoms in their backpacks? A parent might hope that their child does not embark on reckless or promiscuous relationships, but human nature is human nature, and a rubber prophylactic is surely preferable to contracting, or spreading, a deadly virus.

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