Friday 23 February 2018

Mary Kenny: At last, eternal youth is a mouse whisker away

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

POOR Hillary Clinton. She really began to look her age -- 63 -- this week, when visiting Bahrain. Her skin was sagging and wrinkly and she had that defeated expression that indicates wear and tear.

Small wonder; she will probably have to take the hit from the WikiLeaks affair after it was disclosed that she allegedly prompted American diplomats to spy on UN officials -- and eventually resign from her position as secretary of state. She indicated as much herself, saying that this would be her "last public position".

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown -- and the burden of responsibility shows in the face and general appearance. Men age and grow grey in office. Women have more cosmetic assistance -- it's more socially acceptable for a woman to benefit from a little Botox or nip and tuck, but age inevitably takes its toll. What Hillary needs is a dose of the medicine that will surely be developed as a result of the Harvard Medical School's astonishing new discovery -- that the ageing process has successfully been reversed in mice, and that this could be extended to humans.

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