Wednesday 21 February 2018

Marc Coleman: Government for the elite, by the elite

Disincentive to challenge the system means that the Croke Park deal -- opposed by the people -- remains in place, writes Marc Coleman

Unless you've returned from a quarter of a century in immigrant exile, you are likely to have heard of the 'coping classes'.

Chances are, you're one of them. When put together, the unemployed, low-paid frontline public and private sector workers, small businesses, squeezed consumers and those in negative equity make up a large minority -- if not majority -- of our population.

It was Eoghan Harris who coined the term 'coping classes' a quarter-century ago. Since then variants of the idea have done the rounds, none as good as the original. David McWilliams's Breakfast Roll Man was entertaining but analytically weak. Then along came the Irish Times with its 'Squeezed Middle'. But the trouble with copying an idea is that you copy its flaws as well as its genius.

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