Wednesday 17 January 2018

Man up, Louis, and stop playing 'Simon says'

The diminutive music mogul is morphing into a doddery leprechaun. Stand up for yourself, says Andrea Byrne

Louis Walsh. Photo: Getty Images
Louis Walsh. Photo: Getty Images

Louis Walsh, you seem like a nice man. You're obviously quite smart too given your accomplishments in the music industry, but if you're involved with The X Factor next season, for the sake of the viewers and more importantly your own dignity, please, I implore you, man up, grow a set and stand up to Simon Cowell!

"Why is it always me you're picking on," he desperately asked Simon during last weekend's The Xtra Factor. At this stage in his life, Louis should not be reduced to such childish, school-yard whining.

This X Factor series more than ever, the master and slave relationship that exists between Simon and Louis respectively has become too much to bear. Each week, you can practically see the puppet strings being pulled from behind Louis' head.

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