Monday 22 January 2018

Magnolia 'messiah' pledges to do better

As anticipated, Ryan Tubridy exploded on to British airwaves with a whimper Eilis O'Hanlon

Ireland has always exported its problems to England. Sadly, nothing much seems to have changed in that respect. If anything, it's got worse -- for the Brits, at least -- with the arrival on their airwaves of one Ryan Tubridy.

That's Tubridy as in Tub (to rhyme with "pub")-riddy, by the way, not "Tube-riddy", as he patronisingly pointed out to his new listeners on the first instalment of his summer guest slot on BBC Radio Two. You'd think the British ear was totally unable to comprehend any name more mysterious than Smith or Jones. If his name was Micheal O Muircheartaigh, you could understand a gentle pointer in the direction of correct enunciation. But Tubridy? That's as plainly phonetic a name as you'll ever come across, and hardly problematic for a country of 60 million people, not all of whom are as Anglo-Saxon as woad in this multicultural age; but Ryan still felt the need to read out an email from the BBC's in-house pronunciation linguist making everything clear.

"They have this same problem in Ireland," he even reassured listeners.

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