Wednesday 21 February 2018

Maeve Sheehan: Fateful day the Quinn family fell for the old hidden-camera trick

The Kiev film revealed that the 'conspiracy' around asset-hiding is more than a theory, says Maeve Sheehan

IT IS after 6pm in Fellini restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine, in January this year. A secret camera is carefully positioned on a restaurant table so that it is aimed at Peter Quinn, nephew of the former billionaire Sean Quinn.

Preppy-looking in glasses and a yellow jumper, Peter studies a laptop and twirls a pen while his cousin, Sean Quinn's son, Sean Jnr, does much of the talking, slightly out of shot. Heard but not seen are the thick Russian accents of three Ukrainian business people, on the wrong side of camera.

Someone took the precaution of secretly filming the proceedings, but it was almost certainly not the Quinns -- at one point a paranoid Sean Jnr shouts about a "f****** camera" when a flash goes off elsewhere in the restaurant.

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