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Lust: Pursuit of pleasure the guiding principle for Tiger tycoons

A wise man once told me: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice -- you've got breasts".

It's a saying that some of the most powerful men of Celtic Tiger Ireland would have done well to adhere to.

They ruled their empires with an iron fist, struck fear into hearts of competitors and their ruthless dealings were the stuff of legend.

Alas, they had one weak link in their steely armour -- which could be found just below the hardwood mahogany of their boardroom table.

Step forward, Johnny Ronan. No one epitomised this particular sin more than the black-bearded buccaneer. Look up the word 'lust' in the dictionary and you should find a picture of the bronzed tycoon grinning next to it while most likely nibbling on the ear of some beauty.

Ronan pursued women with the same fervour and passion with which he pursued his property interests: always wanting the best around.

And all that spirits desire, spirits attain.

So what's a guy to do?

It ended -- as it does with all red-blooded lusty males and long-legged beauties -- with the man on his knees.

In Dante's Purgatorio, the penitent walked within flames to purge himself of all sexual thoughts and feelings.

Johnny went to the sweltering heat of Spain, got his frustration out on the back of a bike and returned to Ireland a new man. And who said they couldn't change?

Or perhaps he has just mastered the art of keeping it on the down low.

If his reputation is anything to go by, these days I'm sure Nama isn't the only one giving him a hard time.

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