Friday 23 February 2018

Lucinda takes the first steps on her plan of campaign

Lucinda Creighton

AS I knocked on doors in Dublin South East over the past few months, the sense of anger was palpable. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the sheer fury over botched policy decisions and a feeling of grave injustice in how honest, hard-working people were paying for the sins of a few -- a few who appear to have emerged unscathed and unpunished for their actions.

However, since Brian Cowen finally dissolved the 30th Dail, and set a date of February 25 for the next General Election, it has become apparent to me that voters are now looking to transcend anger and focus on solutions to sort our public finances, clean up politics and get people back to work.

That is not to suggest that people are not angry, but rather that they want to move beyond mere anger and focus on what sort of government they wish to lead this country to recovery. There is now an anxiety present as to what the future holds and what hope can be offered by political leaders. After anger and anxiety, action must come.

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