Wednesday 17 January 2018

Louis Jacob: Misunderstanding at heart of row about Polish girl's story

The subject of welfare and immigrants is always sure to cause heated debate, writes Louis Jacob, an Irishman living in Poland

Immigrants and welfare. The next time you're sitting in a pub with your friends and you want to start a heated debate, mention one of the above. If you want to start a mini-war, mention them both together.

By the end of it, you and some of your best buddies might be steaming from the ears and you might have problems looking each other in the eye.

As the fallout from a certain article in the Independent regarding a Polish girl, Magda (not her real name) and the welfare in Ireland, demonstrated last week, it's one of the most contentious and divisive topics out there, and with good reason. It's a difficult subject to get your head around, and virtually impossible to take sides on.

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