Sunday 17 December 2017

Liz Kearney: Side line

Liz Kearney

IT'S a train journey I've taken thousands of times, so there was nothing to divert my attention from the newspaper as the Dart rattled out of the city centre en route to Bray. Instead I pored over acres of newsprint, trying to get my head around the grim details of a deeply troubling week.

By force of habit though, as the train pulled out of Dalkey Station, I raised my head. Because there's always that moment just after you emerge from the tunnel south of the station when you're suddenly faced with the broad sweep of shimmering water across Killiney Bay and your heart spontaneously lifts.

But yesterday morning, without warning, it almost stopped. Because sticking up out of the water, a few feet away from the rocky foreshore, was a fin. For a second it looked -- eek! -- like a shark, but the fin was quickly followed by a great hulking grey beast and within seconds what turned out to be a dolphin, magnificent and gleaming in the dazzling winter sunshine, leapt high out of the water. Right behind it came another. Now there were two exuberant creatures flying through the air like a mirage.

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