Sunday 25 February 2018

Little sign of action as creeping fog of gloom descends on the Dail

'I don't know why we bother turning up at all," grumbled Fine Gael's Jim O'Keeffe in the Dail yesterday as one of his colleagues, Sean Barrett, tangled unsuccessfully with the Ceann Comhairle. It was a sentiment that seemed to unite both participants in the Dail and observers of the 'action' in the chamber yesterday.

It was a day devoid of drama or anything remotely resembling lively parliamentary debate. A creeping fog of gloom is slowly engulfing Leinster House.

It could be called PET -- Post Emergency Torpor. For the non-stop conveyor belt of catastrophes, calamities (not all of the Coughlan kind) and curveballs which have been flung non-stop at the Dail denizens for the last relentless 18 months have trickled to a halt and the Fates have called a ceasefire.

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