Tuesday 12 December 2017

Little natural justice about judicial perks

Our judges deserve their high salaries, but their extra allowances seem less than fair, writes Emer O'Kelly

MOST High and Supreme Court judges are of a certain age. And they live a certain kind of life. It's a comfortable, well-insulated life delineated by dinner at eight rather than pizza at six.

Their drinking habits have veered from endless pints in the pub to a couple of glasses of decent wine with friends. It has much more to do with stage of life than snobbery or status.

Lots of people can't afford elegance at any age. High and Supreme Court judges can. More power to them; they have begun their adult lives by studying hard, using the advantages of the excellent brains with which they were born. They have spent the early years of their careers working their backsides off during 16-hour days. Contrary to a lot of begrudging public opinion, they're worth every penny that's written on their briefs. What you see isn't what you get: what you see is probably only 10 per cent of the work that's done behind the scenes.

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