Friday 24 January 2020

Listening to Ninja Prez not for faint of heart

BARACK Obama may not be surefooted when dealing with his budgetary woes, but his reflexes are still top notch.

After his recent antics we should amend his "yes we can" motto to "yes I can do ... everything!'

Previously he earned his Presidential ninja stripes by swatting a fly on live TV while conducting an interview.

Now he's upped it several notches by catching a fainting pregnant woman while giving a speech at the White House.

Diabetes sufferer Karmel Allison started swaying while she stood behind Obama as he made a 25-minute speech in the Rose Garden.

Ninja Barack spotted her, interrupted the speech and said: "You're OK. I'm right here. I got you."

He was self-deprecating enough to say that people faint when he talks too long.

Being America, conspiracy theorists were on the scene almost as quickly as Obama's reflexes, claiming poor Karmel was a jelly legged plant to make the Prez look better.

She went on Twitter to deny this.

Stand by for further instalments, like Obama rescues a falling cat or an errant child stepping out on a road.

Will Hanafin

Sunday Independent

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