Thursday 23 November 2017

Lise Hand: White knight Micheal is forced to climb down from his high horse

Micheal Martin was up on his high horse. . . well, Shetland pony to be more accurate. He was trying out the role of gallant knight, trotting to the defence of a distressed damsel.

He had been moved by the plight of Roisin Shortall who, as he rose to take the Taoiseach to task for being so mean, was marooned in the Outer Hebrides of the Dail chamber -- the last seat in the back row of the government benches.

It was the Order of Business yesterday, and Micheal wanted James Reilly to come into the Dail and account for himself. As far as he was concerned, the resignation of Roisin and the fall-out from it was "an issue of national importance".

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