Sunday 18 February 2018

Lise Hand: So this is how Pam Ewing felt when she awoke to find Bobby alive in the shower

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

Maybe we'll all wake up tomorrow and discover that Michael Noonan has been leader all along.

Now we all know what Pam felt like when she woke up to find her dead husband alive and singing in the shower. Turned out the car crash had never happened, Bobby hadn't been run over like a mad dog, and the whole 'Dallas' plotline had been just a bad dream of Pammie's.

It turns out that nobody had run over, shot or stabbed Enda 'JR' Kenny either. The gory car crash that was the Fine Gael heave, played out a mere two weeks ago as the most operatic of soap operas, was a figment of everyone's imagination.

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