Thursday 23 November 2017

Lise Hand: Sargent gives his own marching orders amid hint of open warfare

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

OH Trevor. What an incredibly stupid thing to do. Did you temporarily lose possession of your senses when you took up a sheet of writing-paper emblazoned with the crest of State and wrote to the gardai suggesting it would be "wholly inappropriate" to prosecute one of your Dublin North constituents?

"Incredible" was the word most frequently invoked along the corridors of Leinster House in the brief, savage whirlwind that carried off the Minister for Food in the space of a five-hour storm. By noon yesterday there was a queue out the door of the Oireachtas shop for copies of the 'Evening Herald', which carried the blazing headline, 'Minister asked gardai to drop case'. TDs were literally incredulous. How could a senior politician make such a horrendous blunder?

You see, Trevor, you were seen as one of the decent skins in the Dail, the chap who understood that principles weren't just people who ran schools. You astonished the cynical political establishment by resigning as head of the Greens in order to keep your pre-election pledge that you would never lead your party into coalition with Fianna Fail.

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