Sunday 18 February 2018

Lise Hand: Purified poop for the 'price of a pint' but the Brigade's still giving out yards

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

NOPE. They're still not happy. Even if -- along with slashing the registration fee by a whopping 45 scoots -- Phil 'Fiver' Hogan threw in a box of Roses and free entry to a draw for a fortnight's holiday on the Algarve, the Septic Tank Brigade would still be giving out yards.

Never mind that the roars of protest over the new septic tank laws succeeded in an abrupt U-bend, sorry, U-turn from Big Phil Hogan, the man now saddled with the glamorous moniker of Minister for Septic Tanks, who confirmed yesterday that the fee would now be a mere €5 as opposed to the proposed €50. Never mind that city-slickers have become far too familiar for their own comfort with hitherto exotic terms such as "de-sludge" and "grey water".

Never mind all that. Deputy Mattie McGrath, Commode-ant in Chief of the Septic Tank Brigade, is still on the warpath.

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