Saturday 17 November 2018

Lise Hand: Politicians unite, for once, to condemn callous killing

Lise Hand

Cowards. Criminals. Anti-republicans. Nihilists. Psychopaths. Terrorists. All these words were used in the Dail chamber yesterday, flung from every side of the House at those who murdered PSNI Constable Ronan Kerr last weekend.

There was no equivocation, no mealy-mouthed justification and no political game-playing. There was only one reaction to the brutal killing of the 25-year-old policeman -- and that was outright, forthright condemnation.

The death of Ronan Kerr cast a long, sombre shadow over Dail business yesterday with its chilling reminder that the enemies of the peace process still flourish like mushrooms in the darkness. The usual Tuesday afternoon hostilities during the question sessions were suspended and the only contest between the various parties was to see which member of the House would produce the most damning denunciation of their actions. On so many occasions throughout the torturous process when peace came dropping slow, Sinn Fein took refuge behind a wall of weasel words in the wake of murder and mayhem unleashed by the IRA, rather than take a stand and reject the violence.

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