Saturday 17 March 2018

Lise Hand: Ooh la la. . . Limerick's Lothario charmed by the feisty Parisienne

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

WHAT'S a man to do? When Michael Noonan took over as Finance Minister, the poor chap probably naively assumed that he would henceforth spent arid, earnest days locked in his department with a posse of pointy heads poring over figures, statistics, pie charts and the like.

Never, one suspects, in Michael's wildest dreams -- or in fairness, perhaps in the odd wild dream, like most men -- did he anticipate sitting in the Dail being teased about his encounters with a chic, elegant and powerful Parisienne.

But French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde appears to hold quite a fascination for les hommes Irlandais.

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