Monday 19 February 2018

Lise Hand: Micheal dithers as the presidential race takes a chaotic turn

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

What a bunch of gullible fools we all are. Sure didn't we all think that we'd seen the last of Fianna Fail losing the plot since they were decimated after the last election? We all assumed that under the careful, calm stewardship of Micheal Martin that the shell-shocked troops would lie low in the trenches until they had recovered the use of their wits and mapped a painstaking route out of the doghouse.

But no. For yesterday it looked as if they had executed a quick U-turn back to the mad old days of yore when rumours began to circulate in Leinster House that they were in conclave debating on the nomination of a candidate for the Aras.

Now this came as something of a surprise, given that only a few weeks ago the party leader had confirmed that for the first time ever, Fianna Fail would not be throwing its hat into the ring because:

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