Wednesday 22 November 2017

Lise Hand: Joker Gerry and Micheal 'Martian' fail to land a blow on regretful Enda

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

THE new Sinn Fein deputy for Louth is quite the comedian. Gerry 'Chuckle Ar La' Adams had them rolling in the aisles of the Dail chamber yesterday during Leaders' Questions.

He was doing a spot of hand-wringing over the $50,000 donation to Fine Gael which has been given the forensic treatment in the Moriarty report, and was much disturbed by the fact that the dosh had turned up in an offshore account.

"Can the Taoiseach explain how any of this, in terms of offshore accounts, invoices, money laundering of a very classical kind ... " began Gerry, but alas, the rest of his question was drowned out by howls of laughter from the government benches.

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