Friday 17 November 2017

Lise Hand: It's a big 'Meh' from electorate as result brings only some relief

THE people have spoken, and they said "Meh". Whether the two-thirds of the voters who steered clear of the ballot boxes didn't understand the proposed constitutional amendment on children's rights (a confusion propounded by the introduction of the Supreme Court into what was an already complex equation), or whether they thought that a Yes result was certain and their vote wasn't needed, or simply that the prospect of exercising one's franchise on a Saturday was just too exhausting, this was a Mehferendum, and no mistake.

Within a short spell of the boxes being emptied on to tables in count centres around the country yesterday morning, the Government should've been observing the Sabbath by reclining on both its laurels and on a comfy cushion of a 70pc to 30pc vote in its favour.

But instead it had a bit of a worry-filled wait. Unlike the frenetic kick-off of a general election count, there were no hordes of tallymen and women doing the sums over the barriers, and it was swiftly clear that the No vote would be bigger than most predictions.

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