Thursday 26 April 2018

Lise Hand: I don't believe it -- it's Meldrew McCarthy the very jolly joker

Colm McCarthy was sporting a very jolly tie yesterday for his speech at the MacGill Summer School in Donegal. It was a riot of oranges and reds and yellows and the jazzy pattern included a pair of bored-looking lassies looking for all the world as if they were en route to Dundrum shopping centre.

It was a startling choice of neckwear for an arch-curmudgeon, a chap whose blunt irascibility makes him a sort of pinstriped Victor Meldrew of economics who goes about his business in a perpetual state of exasperation over the profligacy of political and banking bigwigs.

In fairness, he takes his role of An Fear Snip -- the scourge of bloated quangos and under-performing semi-state bodies -- very seriously. And so there was always a chance that he might end up indulging in a spot of verbal handbags with feisty fellow panelist, ICTU general secretary David Begg, during yesterday's opening session.

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